Are you effectively providing just a brokerage service and, if so, what’s to stop us approaching an investor directly?

Our retail distribution arm gives us a unique position in the social investment market and enables us to raise capital from an audience that our clients would otherwise struggle to access (particularly as any offer to that investor audience requires sign-off and approval from an approved person as defined under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000).

In terms of institutional investors, such as charitable trusts and foundations or ethical funds, we have a very clear understanding of their individual investment criteria and of how best to structure an offer to meet this criterion. We also have a very strong track record of negotiating the best terms with those investors, of creating a competitive environment between investors to secure optimal terms for clients and of getting investments through due diligence and ‘over the line’– the risk of deal collapse due to approaching investors without a fully considered proposition is often a sufficient motivation for clients to draw on our expertise.

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