Can I apply for Depository Receipts if I live outside the UK?

The UK Branch of Triodos Bank is only registered to sell Depository Receipts to UK residents and UK domiciled organisations, whose beneficial owners and associated parties are also UK residents.

 Please be aware that as a result of the UK’s planned withdrawal from the European Union we have had to reluctantly conclude that we will need to discontinue the sale of new Depository Receipts to UK residents, which includes the issue of new Depository Receipts as part of the stock dividend scheme.

 The last date to start an application for new Depository Receipts is 1 February 2019, with a correctly completed application form and cleared funds required by 11 February 2019. Existing Depository Receipt holders will continue to be able to sell their Depository Receipts through Triodos UK.

However, Triodos Bank has branches across Europe, so please contact your local Triodos branch to enquire about applying for Depository Receipts if you are a non-UK resident.

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