How can I move my TBUK non-ISA impact investment into the Triodos Ethical Stocks & Shares ISA? (Bed & ISA)

You can use your ISA allowance by 'wrapping' your existing impact investment funds in our Ethical Stocks & Shares ISA, this is also known as a Bed and ISA. Within the Ethical Stocks & Shares ISA you benefit from no further tax on income and no capital gains tax. The benefits of an ISA depend on your individual circumstances and tax rules may change in the future.

To wrap your existing holding in an ISA it must be sold and repurchased. We do not charge for the sale or repurchase, but you must adhere to the minimum investment amount of £1,000 and the minimum top up amount of £500 per fund.

Please note, when selling your holding outside of the ISA wrapper you will realise a capital gain or loss. Most people have a capital gains allowance of £12,300 (for the 2022/23 tax year), below which there is no charge on gains. If you happen to make a capital loss this can be used to offset future capital gains.

If you would like to wrap your holding in the Ethical Stocks & Shares ISA please complete our online application form if you don’t currently have an Ethical Stocks & Shares ISA, or if you are an existing customer log into Internet Banking and complete our pre-filled form.

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