How do I apply for Triodos Bank Depository Receipts?

Please be aware that as a result of the UK’s planned withdrawal from the European Union we are in the process of making a legal transfer of the business of the UK branch of Triodos Bank NV to Triodos Bank UK Limited, currently expected to take place on 1st March 2019. Learn more about our change of legal structure.

The last date to start an application for new Depository Receipts has now passed. If you are due to receive an application form, please note that the last day for us to receive a correctly completed application form and cleared funds to purchase Depository Receipts is 11 February 2019. Existing Depository Receipt holders will continue to be able to sell their Depository Receipts through Triodos UK. For more information, see the letter we sent to all UK investors on 17 December 2018.

Decide if you want to invest

Complete the Appropriateness Assessment

  • Before you can apply for Depository Receipts you will need to complete an Appropriateness Assessment
  • This will help us understand your knowledge and experience of these types of investments
  • Download, complete and return an Appropriateness Assessment to the (free post) address on the form

We'll get back to you

  • If we deem that Depository Receipts are an appropriate investment for you, we will send you an application form in the post.
  • If, based on your responses to the questions in the Appropriateness Assessment we deem that Depository Receipts are not an appropriate investment for you we will write to you to let you know and you will not be able to continue with your application
  • Please note that assessing the appropriateness of Depository Receipts is not the same as providing financial advice and if you are unsure in any way if Depository Receipts are a suitable investment for you, you should seek financial advice


  • If you have received an application form, please call us for a current price quote for Depository Receipts which will be provided in sterling and will typically be valid for 14 days. However, if the price of Depository Receipts or the euro-sterling exchange rate varies significantly within this 14-day period, we reserve the right to issue you with a new price at our discretion.
  • Decide whether you want any dividends to be paid out to you, known as a cash dividend, or as additional Depository Receipts, known as a stock dividend. Dividends are variable and not guaranteed.
  • We will write to you when we have received your completed application and cleared payment.
  • Depository Receipts trade on a weekly basis and we submit all applications to buy and sell every Tuesday. Trades are then confirmed by our head office in the Netherland's on Wednesday with contract notes confirming the price and trade date sent the business day after the trade has completed, which is typically each Monday or the next working day in the case of a bank holiday.

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How to apply for Triodos Bank Depository Receipts

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