How do I invest in the Triodos Impact Investment Funds?

The whole process of setting up your investment takes about four business days from the time that we receive your application and funds.

Decide how you want to invest

Choose whether to invest tax efficiently inside an ISA or outside an ISA. Choose how to receive any income generated. Income can to be paid out to you with distribution units or reinvested with capitalisation units and you’ll indicate your choices on the application form.

Complete and post your application form

Download the application form from our website, complete and return it to the free post address on the form.

Send money for your investment

Transfer or send a cheque for the amount you want to invest. If paying via electronic bank transfer, make sure your payment is sent from the same nominated bank account you put on your application form.

We’ll invest your money

Once we’ve received your cleared funds and application form we’ll invest your money. Applications and funds received before 10am will be dealt on the same day and priced at the next available valuation point - the Triodos Impact Investment Funds value every business day in the morning before European markets open.  Funds cleared after this time are placed at the next business day's dealing cut-off.

We’ll set up your account

Shortly after your deal has been placed we’ll send you a welcome pack with information about your new account, a contract note (confirming the price and date of your order) and our cancellation policy should you change your mind. If we have your email address, we’ll also send your Internet Banking username to you by email. You’ll then be able to log into your online account to see the details of your investments and the value of your shares.

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