I have submitted my Appropriateness Assessment and now have an application form, what do I do next?

In order to complete your application form, please contact us on 0330 355 0355 so that we can provide you with the current British Pounds (GBP) price for Depository Receipts and confirm the total amount payable for the number of Depository Receipt’s you wish to buy.
Depository Receipts are priced in euros, and the euro price for Depository Receipts is set by our head office in the Netherlands each Tuesday. Triodos Bank UK convert the euro Depository Receipt price into GBP daily, using the prevailing exchange rate published on www.XE.com.
When deciding if Depository Receipts are right for you, it is important that you understand the risks associated with investing in Depository Receipts. An overview of the specific risks can be found in the DR Important Information document, and a comprehensive list can be found in the Prospectus, both documents can be downloaded below.
Please send completed application forms to our freepost address (please note this is treated as second class post):

Or you can post as usual in a stamped addressed envelope to:
Triodos Bank
Deanery Road

We must receive a correctly completed application form and cleared funds by 11 February 2019 at the latest.
A GBP Depository Request quote is valid for 14 calendar days and your application needs to be received within this time or you will need to request an up to date quote. However, should the price of Depository Receipts change or the euro-GBP exchange rate fluctuate significantly within this 14 day period, we reserve the right to issue you with a new price.
If this happens we will buy as many whole Depository Receipts as possible, and refund any difference to the account the payment came from. 
Please note that we are unable to accept applications where there is no valid quote so please contact us before you send us your application.

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