On a retail bond offer, what does your role entail?

Our access to retail investors and the regulatory permissions to promote investment offers to that audience stands us apart in the social investment market.

When raising capital in this way our role for the client is to:

  • Design suitable investment terms that we believe are serviceable by the client but also likely to appeal to the retail investor market e.g. interest rate, availability of a tax relief, term of the investment, security rights and covenants for investors etc.
  • Undertaking financial modelling in order to present realistic financial forecasts to those investors
  • Writing an offer document and other financial promotions
  • Approving all financial promotions in line with our regulatory permissions
  • Designing and executing a marketing plan to ensure the offer is targeted at the right audience and ensuring the offer stands the best prospects of success
  • Undertaking verification of the offer document to ensure the offer is fairly and clearly presented
  • Designing an online (and offline) investor application journey via our crowdfunding platform that complies with the latest crowdfunding regulations
  • Undertaking receiving agent and registrar functions in respect of funds raised from investors

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