What are Depository Receipts?

Depository Receipts represent shares in Triodos Bank and are designed to protect the mission and independence of Triodos Bank.

Triodos Bank believes that it is crucial that its mission and independence is protected so all of Triodos Bank’s ordinary shares are held in a special trust called the Foundation for the Administration of Triodos Bank Shares, or SAAT to use its Dutch abbreviation.

To finance the shares, the Foundation or SAAT issue Depository Receipts. Both Triodos Bank’s ordinary shares and Depository Receipts are not listed on a stock exchange.

Depository Receipt holders are entitled to the economic rights associated with these shares, such as the right to any dividends that may be paid. However, Depository Receipt holders are not entitled to vote at the General Meeting and these rights are vested with SAAT to protect Triodos Bank’s mission and independence.

Triodos Bank and SAAT are keen to engage with Depository Receipt holders, and holders will receive periodic invitations to attend meetings with the senior management team of Triodos Bank and members of SAAT. Depository Receipts holders are also invited to attend and vote at the meeting of Depository Receipt holders which is held in conjunction with our Annual General Meeting in the Netherlands. Triodos Bank UK also hold an annual meeting at which we run a sperate meeting for our Depository Receipt holders to provide an update on the UK Branch and provide holders with an opportunity to meet our senior management team and discuss any questions they may have.

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