What’s the typical amount you raise for a client?

This varies from client to client. We’ve raised as little as £350k via a retail bond for a Bristol-based independent food retailer through to £10m (also via a large retail bond offer) for a national learning disability charity. Most projects are seeking to raise £1-5 million.

Things that have a bearing on our thinking on the optimal deal size include:

  • The level of capital the client needs to raise in order to achieve their aims (e.g. to build a new nursery, to construct a ground-mounted solar scheme, to launch a third retail outlet for an organic supermarket)
  • If raising capital via debt, the debt capacity of the organisation (i.e. how much debt can they reasonably service given their financial position)
  • How much investor appetite we feel there is for a proposition of this kind

We’re always open to a conversation to understand your needs and whether we can assist.

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