A rapidly growing group of consumers in our society now prefers to buy organically grown products. Some of them prefer organic food because they are concerned about the environment and animal welfare. Many consumers also have the intuitive feeling that organically grown food is healthier, and they would welcome scientific data that confirm this feeling. Industrial researchers have studied the effect of genetically modified food on public health, while little is known so far about the effect of organic food.

Organic Food Quality & Health (FQH) is an international research association that aims to establish a network of research institutions specialized in the background of organic food. Furthermore, it promotes investigations on organic food quality concepts and new research methods to study the influence of organic food on human health.

The FQH association enables the institutions to cooperate and thereby to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their work. Therefore the association is always looking for new members and supporters, to increase the influence of ongoing and new research in the field of organic food quality and health.