London, United Kingdomj49.space/
Co Financing Business UnitTriodos Bank UK
SectorSocial Housing

J49 began in Lewisham, in area of high demand and low supply and was established to develop sustainable, affordable community housing. Triodos is financing J49’s long-term development project of building socially affordable housing units providing 33 studio apartments to be let to vulnerable adults aged between 20-35. The units will use ground source heating and PV’s keeping low running costs for residents, reducing fuel poverty whilst producing low CO2 emissions. This development site was leased to J49 by The Deptford Ragged Trust, a registered Christian Charity, who currently have a church and community space on the site which will be part of the development. The long-term estate management will be undertaken by J49 using expert support of residents from Bench Outreach a charity working in housing homeless people in Deptford.