Skelmonae Windfarm Ltd

Ellon, Aberdeenshire,
Triodos Bank UK
SectorSustainable Energy

This family-run wind farm is based in Aberdeenshire, with four turbines that have an electricity generating potential of 3.2MW. Triodos will also be helping to fund an adjacent development of a further three turbines with an additional generating capacity of 6.9MW. Alongside the wind farm, the family have developed a range of facilities for visitors who want to get up close to onshore wind turbines and develop their understanding. A 5km trail for use by walkers, cyclists and horse-riders has also been created, including picnic benches and viewpoints with information boards, to give greater public access to the hill. The edges of the trail have been planted with species-rich grasses and wildflowers to help feed a diverse range of insects and other wildlife. Part of the thought process behind the wind farm is that the natural resources in the area should be of benefit to the local people. Therefore, the wind farm makes ongoing contributions to local villages and community organisations for the improvement of their recreational and educational facilities. The wind farm also welcomes visits from school, college and community groups and provides tours to help them learn about wind farm technology.