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As the UK economy feels the impact of ethical business ever more keenly, Triodos Bank can provide informed comment or interviewees on a broad spread of issues. From globalisation to the impact of wind farms on local communities, Triodos can generate comment, articles, customer testimonials and high quality pictures to support.

An important part of our role is to stimulate and lead public debate on issues including our quality of life, social and environmental development, and sustainable finance. 

Many of our people are acknowledged experts in their fields and we strongly encourage them to take part in all relevant forms of discussion and consultation. We want our long and wide experience in promoting sustainable development to make the biggest possible difference. We can provide quick, hassle-free access to regional, national and international news and commentary spanning a number of increasingly influential business sectors including ethical banking and investment, renewable energy, social enterprise and organics.

Latest media releases

Triodos Renewables greens potatoes

04-04-2014 | Triodos Renewables and Greenvale, the UK's leading supplier of fresh potatoes, today announced the completion of a deal to build a wind turbine.  Read more

Community teams-up to get hydro project of the ground

01-04-2014 | A community-owned hydro renewable energy project has secured a finance package of £1.9 million. The new hydro plant at Callander will generate renewable energy which will be sold into the national grid delivering sustainable income for the community.  Read more

Colour of Money

The Colour of Money is Triodos Bank's customer magazine. Inside you'll find news and views from Triodos, as well as the stories behind some of our customers, and in-depth analysis of developments in the sustainable arena.  Subscribe for free , download the latest issue or read a selection of articles from the Colour of Money below.  

Patrick Holden - Costing the Earth

01-04-2014 | Intensively farmed food may be cheap to buy, but we all pay a high price for its nasty consequences. How should the true costs of food production be calculated? Sustainable Food Trust founder Patrick Holden explains.  Read more

It's time for a new breed of banker

18-03-2014 | Six years on from the start of the credit crisis there continues to be much soul searching as to what our financial system should look like, what it should do, and how it should behave. Here's Triodos Bank's suggestion for changing the banking sector foor good.  Read more

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The Colour of Money

Customer magazine - Spring 2014 


The Colour of Money - Issue 14 
In this issue: Community Renewables. Patrick Holden on the true cost of food. Ethical ISAs. Callander Youth Project. Hisbe - Brighton's Ethical Supermarket. Van Dyke discovery. 

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