For those looking to invest in greener energy sources

Want to contribute towards significant and much-needed changes in how we generate and distribute energy? Buying shares in Triodos Renewables* is a great way to activate your money and reap financial, social and environmental rewards.

With shares in Triodos Renewables, you’ll be helping support projects that generate clean, green electricity from sustainable sources. Triodos Renewables also works with a range of carefully selected partners to develop and acquire renewable energy projects, and invests in the long-term business potential of companies throughout the sustainable energy sector. 

Important information
Any investment decision should only be made on the basis of the final Investment Memorandum and the Investor Agreement and not on any information on this website.  Past performance is not necessarily a guide to the future. It may be difficult to sell or realise your investment or to obtain reliable information about its value or other risks to which it is exposed and you may not get back the full amount invested.

What is Triodos Renewables plc?

Triodos Renewables is a public limited company, owned by over 5,000 investors who want their money to help tackle climate change, and recognise the long-term business potential of renewable energy.

Commercially viable future energy sources

Triodos Renewables focuses on low financial risk projects that use proven technologies and operate on long-term contracts. Projects must have minimal impact on communities and the environment through careful planning. Triodos Renewables also supports community involvement.

In the last three years our renewable energy generating capacity has grown by 119% from 23.5 MW to 51.5 MW including Project Avonmouth, which is currently under construction. Our portfolio currently generates sufficient clean, green electricity to power 26,620 homes which will increase to over 31,000 homes once Project Avonmouth is operational** .

Safe and sustainable energy and investment

Renewable energy projects have significant long-term business potential. Triodos Renewables is an opportunity for investors to become involved and benefit from this.

Triodos Bank and its climate and energy funds finance over 300 projects across Europe. These projects collectively produce enough green energy to meet the needs of the equivalent of 1,181,600 European households, avoiding 1,624,373 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

 Invest in Triodos Renewables  

Own a part of the future of UK energy.


*Triodos Renewables is the trading name of Triodos Renewables plc. Registered in England and Wales 2978651. Registered office: Triodos Bank, Deanery Road, Bristol BS1 5AS. Any investment decision should only be made on the basis of the final prospectus and not on any information on this website.

**Estimate based on assumed industry standard of 4.7 MWh per home as supported by an Advertising Standards Authority adjudication (October 2009: West coast Energy Ltd) and used by RenewableUK, the UK energy association

  • Triodos Renewables recommended share price £2.00
  • Triodos Renewables 2013 dividend per share 2p

Annual Report 2012

Energy and Climate  

Welcome to the 2012 Annual Shareholders’ Report, and a good year of solid operating and financial performance, with significant renewable portfolio developments for Triodos Renewables plc...

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