How to buy shares or top up your impact investment

You can purchase shares in the Triodos Impact Investment Funds through the Triodos Mobile Banking App or Internet Banking.

  • Choose the account you'd like to invest through

    In your account Overview, click on the account you would like to invest through (either a Stocks and Share ISA or Impact Investment Account), check that you have the amount of money available that you want to invest in your linked Cash Account. If not, make a transfer into the Cash Account you want to invest from.

    Your first deposit into your Cash Account must be from your nominated account. If you don’t make your first deposit from your nominated account it could cause delays in it showing in your account.

    See How do I add money to my Cash Account?

  • Choose your fund

    Once you’ve chosen the account, select the ‘Invest More’ button and select the fund you would like to invest in (be careful to choose the correct fund), click ‘Invest’, select either distribution or capitalisation shares, and then ‘Lump Sum’.

  • Confirm your investment amount

    Enter the amount you want to invest (minimum of £250 for lump sums or top ups and £25 for regular monthly investments) and click ‘Continue’.

  • Review the details

    You will then see a summary of your instruction and an estimate of the associated annual costs, if you are happy with these click ‘Continue’.

    The following page confirms your investment amount and the Cash Account which is to be debited.

    On the next page you can read the Supplementary Information Document (SID) and Key Investor Information Document (KIID), and you’ll be asked to confirm that you have read them before you can proceed.

  • Authorise the purchase

    Enter your Mobile Banking login or Internet Banking password to authorise the purchase.

    You will then see confirmation that your purchase instruction has been received.

  • We'll arrange the rest

    Instructions received before 10am on a Business Day will be dealt on the same day and you will receive the price for that day. Instructions received after 10am or on a non-Business Day will be dealt with on the following Business Day.

    A contract note will be available under the ‘Transactions’ section for your Stocks and Share ISA or Impact Investment Account once the trade is completed.