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Kainos Christian Fellowship Swindon Trust
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Kainos Christian Fellowship Swindon Trust

Philosophy of life (Culture)

Kainos Christian Fellowship Swindon Trust is a small local church that was originally formed in the early 1980s. They are committed to encouraging and participating in the economic, social and spiritual development of the Swindon region. Members of the church are involved in a number of local projects including supporting the “Filling Station” which distributes food and basic hygiene products to Swindon’s homeless and delivering an accredited parenting course.

Kingshill House was purchased at the beginning of 2012 after looking at several properties as it was believed it would meet the group’s objectives and become a centre to be used by other groups and the local community with round the clock availability. Since then the property has been extensively renovated. This work is now drawing to a close although to fully complete the project the bank was approached to provide additional finance. It will comprise of 2 domestic dwellings, community rooms and bedrooms for both supported lodgings and short term stay.


Philosophy of life

We want to support non-coercive expressions of religious belief. We lend to a wide range of spiritual and religious groups that respect human freedom and nurture the spirit.

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