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Fundación Diaconía

Fundación Diaconía – Fondo Rotativo de Inversión y Fomento (Diaconía) is a non-governmental organisation in Bolivia. Based in El Alto, Diaconia’s core focus is to provide access to finance in the country’s most rural and poorest areas, such as El Alto, Oruro and Potosi. It also places an emphasis on protecting the environment and looking into ways to develop products that help clients better adapt to climate change while educating them in the process.

Triodos Microfinance Fund and Triodos Fair Share Fund have provided a loan in local currency to Diaconía to support its ambition to increase its outreach.

Key indicators Diaconía as of 31 December 2016

- number of loan clients: 66,601
- percentage of rural clients: 53%
- percentage of female clients: 21%
- average loan amount: USD 1,582
- number of savings clients: n.a.


El Alto

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