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Fundación Para el Desarollo Empresarial y Agricola (FUNDEA) is a foundation by law and based in Guatemala City, Guatemala. FUNDEA has a strong presence in rural areas and its portfolio is a well-balanced mix of agricultural, housing, small- and microenterprise loans and wholesale loans to small cooperatives. Agricultural products that are financed are: vegetables, fruit, coffee, maize and potatoes, meat and dairy products. Triodos Fair Share Fund and Triodos Microfinance Fund have provided a loan to FUNDEA to realise further growth.

KEY INDICATORS as of 31 December 2016:

- number of loan clients: 23,605
- percentage female clients: 41%
- percentage rural clients: 77%
- average loan amount: EUR 1,155
- number of savings clients: -


15 Avenida 2-09
Zona 13
Guatemala Ciudad

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