I’ve seen you promote several bonds – do you always raise capital in this way? Are the terms always the same?

No. We raise the right form of capital to suit the client’s needs and objectives – factors such as legal constitution (i.e. charities can’t raise equity as the concept of shares does not exist), financial stability and existing borrowing levels also play a part in informing our thinking of what the right form of capital is.

An offer to investors can be structured in a number of ways – either as equity or debt (both secured and unsecured) or a blend of both. The terms will always vary from offer to offer – for example, we’ve raised capital that is repayable over 18 months to capital that is repayable over 20 years. Ultimately our offers are not ‘off the shelf’ but always tailored to the needs of our client and their specific business model.

What remains the case throughout is that we are raising repayable capital where investors expect to receive the capital back, with a financial return and to see their investment also facilitate significant impact.

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