Herziliya Pituach,
Invested through / Financed by
  • Triodos Pioneer Impact Fund
Asset classListed equity
Impact strategyImpact Equities and Bonds
SectorSustainable Energy
Bloomberg tickerSEDG US
ISIN codeUS83417M1045
Industry groupSemiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Founded in 2006, SolarEdge is an Israeli semiconductor technology company, headquartered in California. The company offers power optimizers and inverters for solar systems, as well as storage systems for the residential market. Its specialty is the power optimizer that allows for maximum power harvesting at solar power module level, fit for maximizing the power generation of residential, commercial, and large-scale PV system installations. With 54%, the US account for the largest part of the company’s revenues. With strategic partnerships across the PV value chain from module manufacturers to integrators, SolarEdge sells its products worldwide. In 2018, the company set out on a diversification strategy, acquiring companies specialized in uninterrupted power systems, EV charging and lithium ion batteries, and EV power trains and electronics. The company has 3,200 employees, of which more than half are based in Israel. The company also has operations in Korea, the US, China, and Italy.

Investment rationale

SolarEdge produces inverters for solar panels, thus playing a vital role in the energy transition. The company’s inverters have a direct impact on the reduction of CO2 emissions and on the increased use of renewable energy.

In its production process SolarEdge aims to minimize the use of water, by adhering to best practices and recycling throughout the supply chain whenever possible. The company also succeeded in reducing the energy needed to produce its inverters. In 2018, it won the Cleanie Awards in the category Large Company, for its leading role in the cleantech industry and the benefits its solutions provide to system owners. The award recognizes innovators and disruptors that are creating life and planet changing solutions.