Tell us about your role & a bit about your career background.

I joined the bank in August 2016 as Marketing Co-ordinator. I work within the Marketing and Communications team, whose primary mission is to spread the word about the awesome stuff that Triodos is doing. Prior to working for the bank, I worked as a secondary Maths teacher in Hull.

Why did you choose to come and work at Triodos Bank?

I first found out about Triodos as a teenager, when my parents became customers, and I became a customer myself aged 18. Whilst studying Maths at the University of Bristol my interest in the Bristolian sustainable landscape grew and I learned more about the bank. Many of my peers were considering careers in the City, but I was interested in more values-driven alternatives. I am passionate about the work I do contributing to positive societal change - and I could see there was an opportunity for this at Triodos. In my final year at university, I helped organise a conference on social enterprise, which the bank sponsored. This furthered my connection to the bank and I appreciated the support they offered us with the event. Whilst teaching in Hull, I kept in touch, and came to work for the bank in an intern capacity during my summer holiday. Supporting the Events and Marketing teams at this time gave me an interesting insight into their role within the bank, and solidified my feeling that this was a place I would love to work.

How does the work you do within your role/department contribute to the mission of Triodos Bank and what we are trying to achieve?

As a Marketing and Communications team, we aim to spread the word about the bank's work so that we enable more 'individuals, organisations and businesses to use their money in ways that benefit people and the environment, and promote sustainable development' - as in our mission statement. We play an important role in connecting our personal savings customers with the businesses that we lend to, so that they can see how their money is working for positive change. For example, I am responsible for updating the 'Know Where Your Money Goes' section of the Triodos website, which contains information about every organisation we lend to, and is essential to maintaining the transparency that is at the core of our values.

Can you describe what a typical day looks like within your role at Triodos Bank?

My work is varied and involves talking to many different people, which I love. Often a proportion of my day is spent supporting the team in the work we are doing on campaigns - for example, in organising the advertising boards that hang in our office windows to liaising with customer case studies. I also oversee the creation and updates of bank customer documents - from interest rate summary sheets to application forms - so I spend time talking to the various areas within the bank, and then liaising with our external designers and printers. I might then contact a number of our new business customers about their entries on Know Where Your Money Goes, or meet with our Business Development team to discuss opportunities with our sustainable partners. I also have responsibility for mailings and e-mails that go out to our customers, so there will probably be some time spent co-ordinating these too. Recently, I have also been getting out and about to a number of conferences and talks from local sustainable partners - which is great fun!

In addition, I usually spend a fair amount of my day drinking excellent coffee, eating organic fruit from our Community Farm deliveries, or giggling with other members of the team.

What makes Triodos Bank different to other companies you have worked for?

There's a great vibe - I've never worked in a team that is so full of people interested in good sustainable food, or seen so high a proportion of co-workers cycle to work! The bank's values are always at the core of everything we do, and I think that gets lost in some organisations. Having worked in teaching previously, I also find it different to be working in such a collaborative way: it's great to feel that everything is always a team effort, and that people are out to support each other.

What does it feel like to work at Triodos Bank?

I am so proud to be working for Triodos. I genuinely look forward to coming to work and, even if it gets squashed in the everyday grind occasionally, I think all of the co-workers are passionate about working for more than just their pay cheque - and this shines through.

What do you like/love about the workplace and the people who work here?

Probably the lack of elitism and the sense of working together on things. And the view from the 4th floor!

How has Triodos Bank had an impact on you?

It's made me think consciously about what my money is doing. It's given me a job that has meaning but encourages work/life balance. In addition, my friends and family have heard oodles about sustainable finance! (Good party chat?)

What do you do in your free time?

I love to exercise and to be outside - I'm often found running, and occasionally cycling or swimming too. Food is my other big love - I enjoy both cooking and eating immensely, particularly given the plethora of awesome sustainable foodie places in Bristol (including a number of Triodos customers). I volunteer for an educational organisation called Envision, and food-waste charity FoodCycle.

We are all different as individuals, but what do you think is the common thread through all Triodos Co-workers.

A sense that we're in this for more than just money, and a desire to be 'making a difference'.

How would you describe Triodos Bank in one word?