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Triodos Renewables builds on Bristol's wind power industry

Four wind turbines planned at Avonmouth

03-10-2012 |

  • Construction of four additional wind turbines on Avonmouth brownfield site 
  • Brownfield site to produce more green energy
  • Opportunity for the public to invest in the project via the Triodos Renewables' current share offer

Renewable energy company, Triodos Renewables Plc, and Wessex Water Enterprises' waste to energy company GENeco, today announced the completion of a deal to build four windturbines at Bristol sewage treatment works in Avonmouth. The wind farm will have an estimated total capacity of 8.2MW, meeting the average annual electricity needs of 4,500 homes (20900000kWh/4700kwh).*

Building works on the 126 metre tall turbines will commence at the end of this year. Once commissioned, the power generated by the four turbines will be sold to the national grid in accordance with a long term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). The project will also benefit from the sale of green certificates issued by Ofgem.

Commenting on today's announcement, Matthew Clayton, Managing Director of Triodos Renewables said: "We are delighted to have secured this deal with Wessex Water and to be building on their commitment to renewable energy. The shared sustainable ethos of Wessex Water has made our collaboration on this project a very positive experience. Developing another wind farm on a brownfield/industrial site fits well with our commitment for sensitively siting renewable energy projects.  We are also pleased to be able to make our work visible to our shareholders, particularly those who are investing in our current share issue. Ten percent of our 5,000 shareholders live within 60 miles of the Avonmouth project which will be visible from the M5."

GENeco has made major improvements to treatment processes at Bristol sewage treatment works, to increase renewable power through anaerobic digestion and made the site self-sufficient from an energy perspective.

In 2008 GENco developed plans to build wind turbines at the site. However, in recent years the company was able to further increase renewable energy generation to the extent that surplus power is now fed in to the national grid. The opening of a food waste plant at the site this autumn will allow supermarkets, councils and food manufacturers to recycle waste providing additional renewable energy.

Director of Wessex Water Enterprises - GENeco,  Mohammed Saddiq, said the company was pleased to see that even more renewable energy would be generated at the Avonmouth site and welcomed  Triodos Renewables Plc taking on the project: "Triodos Renewables Plc is well positioned to take the project forward and the company has similar sustainability goals to us. A substantial amount of renewable energy can be generated from the wind turbines which are amongst the most economic renewable energy resource available in the UK."

The wind farm is the ninth in Triodos Renewables' portfolio, which also includes Ness Point and Eye in Suffolk and Dunfermline in Fife, all located on brownfield sites. Triodos Renewables has more than 17 years' of 'hands-on' experience in the UK renewable energy sector, building, owning and operating onshore wind farms and hydro-electric projects in a distinct niche in the market between community and utility scale.

Currently Triodos Renewablels offers individuals and institutions shares in the company, giving the chance to participate in direct ownership of the UK's growing community renewable energy infrastructure, one of the country's fastest growing markets. The Company seeks to be as accessible as possible with a minimum investment of £570 in the current share issue.

Proceeds from the offer, open from 31 July, will be invested directly into building new onshore wind power assets to expand the company's portfolio. 

Notes to editors

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About Triodos Renewables Plc

Triodos Renewables is a UK public limited company, with 5,000 investors who want their money to make a practical difference in the fight against climate change, and who recognise the long-term business potential of renewable energy.

It works with partners to develop and acquire projects, and invest in innovative companies in the sustainable energy sector. Its portfolio includes seven operating sustainable energy projects with a total capacity of 43.3 MW producing enough clean, green renewable energy for the equivalent of more than 24,500 homes.*

Triodos Renewables has invested in a number of wind farm projects, such as the Haverigg II Wind Farm in Cumbria, a re-powering wind farm project at Caton Moor in Lancashire, a single wind turbine in the Orkneys, and the Beochlich hydro-electric project in Loch Awe, Argyllshire.

Triodos Renewables is managed by Triodos Bank NV. Triodos Renewables is a trading name of Triodos Renewables plc.

*Estimate based on assumed industry standard of 4.7 MWh per home as supported by an Advertising Standards Authority adjudication (October 2009: West coast Energy Ltd) and used by RenewableUK, the UK energy association

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