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Know where your money goes

Being genuinely transparent about who we lend to



How we do what we do

By only and exclusively financing organisations that bring lasting positive change, Triodos Bank has made an extraordinary and lasting impact on people and the environment across Europe. But how does the Bank make the decisions about who it lends to? And how can it be both satisfied itself and assure its savers that their savings are being used to deliver the positive benefits it claims? Read about our approach to lending.


“Triodos have been our bank of choice since 1999. They don’t just understand our
industry; they encouraged our vision and provided concrete support when we decided
to diversify into supplying raw, unpasteurised milk to our local community. Thanks to Triodos Bank finance, it’s been two years and we’re already delivering directly to over 500 customers every week.”

Phillip and Stephen Hook, Organic tenant farmers.