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Jamie's Farm
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Jamie's Farm

Education (Culture)

Jamie’s Farm is a family-run project that supports the development of vulnerable young people by providing opportunities for achievement, wellbeing and sustainable change in an agricultural setting. The project works mainly with young people from challenging backgrounds who are at risk of social and school exclusion.




Good education is fundamental to human development. We believe everybody should be entitled to a proper education and be able to continue it throughout their life. The organisations we finance in this sector include schools and conference centres.

Ruth Carney, Chief Operating Officer

Ruth Carney, Chief Operating Officer

Our relationship with Triodos has allowed the Jamie’s Farm to impact on many more vulnerable children, to grow and improve the quality of our service, contributing to the long term stability of the charity. We are extremely pleased to have the support of such a progressive and forward thinking organisation; at the recent Triodos AGM, I was astounded by the enthusiasm and sense of positivity among both clients and staff. Through Triodos, we have also had more publicity, which has allowed us to put forward a voice for the vulnerable children we work with.

Sheephouse Farm Barn
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