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Triaz Group GmbH
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Triaz Group GmbH

Organic food (Environment)

Triaz Group was founded in 1987 as Waschbär, a German retailer that specializes in selling sustainable and organic products. Since its inception, it has added Mini-Bär, Vivanda, PranaHaus, and B&W Naturplfege to its retail portfolio, in addition to Waschbär and continues to sell products through mail-order or on-line retail.

The name “Triaz” represents the emphasis on social, ecological, and economic responsibility; by selling over 10,000 organic and sustainable household items, clothing, and lifestyle goods to over 750,000 ecologically conscious clients.

Triodos Organic Growth fund, a long-term private equity fund has invested 20% in Triaz Group GmbH. With the 20% stake, Triodos Organic Growth fund has become a long-term investor and will continue to support the company with its mission-aligned business practices through its e-commerce platform, catalogs, and diverse product line.


Organic food

Apart from being environmentally friendly, Organic food doesn't use hydrogenated fats and controversial additives including aspartame, tartrazine, MSG, leading to a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  Lending in this sector include food shops, butchers and restaurants.


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