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Cooperativa Norandino

Cooperativa Norandino (Norandino) is a locally anchored savings and loans cooperative that finances small-scale farmers in Northeast Peru where still a very limited number of people have access to financial products and services.

Norandino has received a loan from Hivos-Triodos Fund that will enable coffee farmers to renovate their plants which are at risk of rust disease if they are not regularly renovated. It is an innovative project with a strong focus on sustainable agricultural practices.

With this investment Hivos-Triodos Fund has expanded its agricultural value chain investment activities - one of the pillars of the fund's strategy.

KEY INDICATORS as of 31 December 2015:

- number of loan clients: 5,216
- percentage of female clients: 19%
- percentage of rural clients: 90%
- average loan amount: EUR 1,727
- number of savings clients: 5,124



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