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Seed Co-operative
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Seed Co-operative

Organic farming (Environment)

Seed Co-operative is a community owned seed company established at the end of 2014 to promote and retain open pollinated seed for organic and biodynamic commercial farms and home growers. Working with the well-established Stormy Hall Seeds, the sales and distribution functions have transferred to Seed Co-operative. Lending has facilitated the purchase of their new site at Gosberton Bank Nursery, where they will be able to not only produce and sell seeds, but also create a processing hub for a national network of small scale seed producers. 


Organic farming

Organic agriculture recognises the relationship between our environment, our health and the food we eat. As well as high animal welfare standards, organics avoids the use of pesticides and chemical fertilisers and helps to revitalize the earth. And, because organic farming releases less greenhouse gases than non-organic farming, it means a smaller carbon footprint for the environment. Lending in this sector varies from dairy and meat, to forestry and fruit.

Seed Co-operative
Gosberton Bank Nursery
PE11 4PB

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