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Compassion Mahayana Buddhist Centre
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Compassion Mahayana Buddhist Centre

Leisure (Culture)

The Compassion Centre in Newcastle is a part of the New Kadampa Tradition International Kadampa Buddhist Union. Established in 1994, the centre is now a vibrant and friendly residential community, where everyone is welcome to come and find out more about meditation and Buddhism. They offer weekly drop-in classes that are open to beginners, in addition to more in-depth study programmes and retreats. Lending from Triodos Bank is to support the purchase of a new property to expand their residential community, working towards their long term vision of allowing more individual Buddhist practitioners to live together and further their spiritual development.



Individual expression and enjoying leisure activities improves quality of life and enhances creativity and inspiration. We finance projects or businesses in this sector who work in a social and environmentally responsible way.

2, Station Road
Newcastle upon Tyne

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