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Whiteley Village
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Whiteley Village

Healthcare (Social)

Whiteley Village is believed to be the first purpose-built retirement village in the UK, and over 100 years old. The charity provides homes for up to 500 pensioners of limited financial means. Whiteley is a leader in promoting community living among residents, leading to enhanced quality of life, reduced social isolation and greater independence.



Good physical and mental health and wellbeing are fundamental to a better quality of life. That's why we finance medical centres offering complementary health services, care for the elderly and hospices.

Chandra McGowan, Chief Executive of The Whiteley Homes Trust, said:

"The new care hub marks the start of the next chapter in the history of Whiteley Village. Quality of life for our residents has always been our passion, working together with residents to support the whole community to age well within their own homes. The addition of new facilities from which we can deploy up-to-date clinical care will further enhance life for people today and in the future."

Octagon Road
Whiteley Village
KT12 4EH

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