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Positive energy

Specialist finance and expertise for renewable energy projects

At Triodos Bank, we recognise the many challenges renewable energy projects encounter, and provide our customers with tailored, flexible finance solutions. The one-to-one support of a specialist and dedicated Relationship Manager will help get your project across the line.

Barra Community Turbine

"As we're working on energy sustainability, it was clear that Triodos Bank would be a very good partner to work with. We could happily see us working with them on more projects in the next couple of years.

It's very obvious when working with Triodos that you're working with a bank that is committed to the sector, to renewable as well as community energy. Which means they do more to help and work with us when structuring, and think outside the box.

When you start a process that can take many months, it's really nice to know you are working with people that are committed to making this work".

Jan-Willem Bode, Managing Director at Mongoose Energy

Read their full case study

For over 20 years, our specialist team has helped organisations like yours to get their renewable energy projects up and running producing clean energy - ranging from community energy groups to more established developers.

Across Europe we finance over 375 projects in solar PV, on-shore wind, and hydroelectricity. Through our regional presence in Bristol, Edinburgh and London we provide project finance debt for schemes across the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

We also finance other environment sector projects using proven technologies including energy efficiency, renewable heat and district energy - please speak to us about your requirements.

What we can offer

Subject to meeting lending criteria

  • Project finance for deal sizes of £2m to £20m in the UK and Ireland
  • Senior debt of up to construction period + 17 years, and gearing of up to 90%, depending upon the project economics
  • Construction finance, operating finance and re-financing
  • Competitive pricing and fees; including fixed and variable interest rate options
  • Sterling and euro facilities
  • VAT and Bank Guarantee facilities

Why choose Triodos Bank

  • Our commercial and financial expertise in ground mounted and roof top solar PV, on-shore wind, and hydro built up over 20 years
  • The support of a dedicated senior Relationship Manager 
  • Transparent application process and a responsive service
  • Carefully managed due diligence costs using trusted legal, financial and technical adviser
  • Our genuine commitment to sustainability and long term relationships
  • Experience of a wide range of legal structures including community benefit

Important information

Customer story: Ecotricity

We’ve supported Ecotricity since they began, when we helped build their first turbine in 1996. Now the company is a household name. And we’re still working closely with them to fund and support their complex financial requirements, as they continue to grow. 


Customer story: Barra Community

Our experts worked closely with the island community to finance their own wind turbine in 2014. Now the green energy it generates provides an income for the community to reinvest. 

Specialist Relationship Managers

With an in-depth knowledge of environmental businesses

25% of all Triodos Bank lending is to renewable energy sector

2,100MW combined generation capacity of projects we finance

358 projects currently financed through Europe

Want to take the next step?

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