Investing in Depository Receipts is not the same as depositing money in a bank account as your capital is at risk and you may not get back the full amount that you invested. It may be difficult to sell your investment.

Depository Receipts are traded in euros and dividends, if paid, are in euros. Your total return is therefore subject to the euro-sterling exchange rate. Any dividends are variable and not guaranteed.

Investments are not covered by the Dutch deposit guarantee scheme, however they may be covered by the Investor compensation scheme. For more information on these schemes please read the deposit guarantee scheme and investor compensation scheme page.

What are Depository Receipts?

Depository Receipts represent shares in Triodos Bank. They are designed to protect the mission and independence of Triodos.

If you choose to purchase Depository Receipts you will be supporting Triodos Bank N.V. and our mission to use money for positive good by helping us raise the capital needed to operate and grow the bank.

All of Triodos Bank's ordinary shares are held in a special trust called the Foundation for the Administration of Triodos Bank Shares. The Foundation controls all the voting rights conferred by the shares, ensuring that decisions about financial profit are never made at the expense of our social and environmental goals.

The Foundation issues Depository Receipts to investors who share and want to support our goals.

Details such as the countries we operate in, members of our Executive Board and Depository Receipt trading volumes can be found under the 'details' tab.

How do they trade?

Depository Receipts cannot be converted into ordinary shares and are not listed on a stock exchange. However, Triodos Bank N.V. maintains an internal platform for trading, although trading may only be available on a limited basis. Investors may have to wait for a buyer to become available before they can sell, please refer to the Prospectus for further information.

Depository Receipts trade on a weekly basis and we submit all applications to buy and sell every Tuesday. Trades are then confirmed by Triodos Bank N.V. on Wednesday.


We charge 0.5% of the value of the transaction with a minimum charge of £5 to buy and sell Depository Receipts.

This charge is either paid up front when buying Depository Receipts or collected from your sales proceeds if selling. There are no other charges applicable to Depository Receipts.

Who is eligible to purchase them?

Depository Receipts are offered to Organisations that are registered in the UK and are not available to those established, organised or incorporated in the United States. Beneficial owners, controlling persons and associated parties must also be UK residents and non US-persons.

Before you can apply for Depository Receipts you must complete an Appropriateness Assessment. This will help us understand your knowledge and experience of these types of investments and confirm the level of risk that you are willing and able to take.

The number of Depository Receipts held directly or indirectly by any one Depository Receipt Holder will be limited to a maximum of just under 10% of the total number of issued Depository Receipts.

Please note that investment decisions must be made on the basis of the information provided in the Prospectus and not only on information provided in this summary.

This information is not financial advice. If you are unsure Depository Receipts are the right investment for you, please seek independent financial advice. If you don’t have an independent financial adviser, you can get details of local financial advisers by visiting

Triodos Bank Depository Receipts Price

The current price, as at 31-08-2018, is 83.00 Euro

Triodos Bank Depository Receipts

Personal or institutional investors please contact the team.

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