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Connected investors

Depository Receipt holders explain why they invest in Triodos Bank

What are Depository Receipts?

Depository Receipts represent shares in Triodos Bank. They are similar to shares in many respects - but different in a vitally important way, they are designed to safeguard the mission and independence of Triodos Bank.

All of Triodos Bank's ordinary shares are held in a special trust called the Foundation for
the Administration of Triodos Bank Shares. And this trust controls all the voting rights
conferred by the shares, ensuring that decisions about financial profit are never made
at the expense of Triodos Bank's social and environmental goals.

Depository Receipts are issued by the Foundation, and held by investors who want to
own a stake in a world leading sustainable bank. Depository Receipts are not listed on any stock exchange. But you can buy and sell them, through an internal market, which is Euro-denominated. Please refer to the Prospectus for further information.

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