Investing in Depository Receipts is not the same as depositing money in a bank account as your capital is at risk and you may not get back the full amount that you invested. It may be difficult to sell your investment.

Depository Receipts are traded in euros and dividends, if paid, are in euros. Your total return is therefore subject to the euro-sterling exchange rate. Any dividends are variable and not guaranteed.

Investments are not covered by the Dutch deposit guarantee scheme, however they may be covered by the Investor compensation scheme. For more information on these schemes please read the deposit guarantee scheme and investor compensation scheme page.


Company information

Based in

Zeist | Netherlands (head office)
Bristol | United Kingdom
Madrid | Spain
Brussels | Belgium
Frankfurt | Germany

Founded on


Number of issued depository receipts

12,481,514 (30-04-2018)

Dividend EUR

1.95 (26-05-2017)

Chief Executive Officer, chairman of the Executive Board

Peter Blom

Chief Financial Officer, member of the Executive Board

Pierre Aeby

Chief Operating Officer, member of the Executive Board

Jellie Banga

Post trade information Depository Receipts 2017

In 2017 the trading in Depository receipts has been executed without any issues. Trading was done each week. All transaction orders that were submitted in 2017 have been executed, at the predetermined price.

We processed buy orders representing a total of 145 million euros. At the same time we processed sell orders representing a total of 52 million euros.

The prices against which the orders were executed were identical to the price quotes on the Triodos website on the date the transaction orders were submitted:


Price (in Euros) 

1 January - 11 April


11 April - 23 May


23 May - 1 August


1 August - 21 November


21 November - 31 December


Please note that investment decisions must be made on the basis of the information provided in the Prospectus and not only on information provided in this summary.

This information is not financial advice.  If you are unsure Depository Receipts are the right investment for you, please seek independent financial advice. If you don’t have an independent financial adviser, you can get details of local financial advisers by visiting

Triodos Bank Depository Receipts Price

The current price, as at 31-08-2018, is 83.00 Euro

Triodos Bank Depository Receipts

Personal or institutional investors please contact the team.

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