What common characteristics do your clients have and what are the criteria for working with you?

As you can see from our track record section, we work with a hugely diverse range of clients, operating across a breadth of sectors. What unites our clients is their positive impact on people and the planet and the fact that their values and ethos are aligned with ours. This can be subjective but if we feel that a prospective client is seeking to bring about positive change then we’re open to engaging with them to see if we can help. At all times we comply with the bank’s minimum standards.

Of course, the organisation or project needs to have the ability to service repayable finance and hence we need to feel comfortable that it has a clear and robust business plan - we’d also need to get comfortable with its financial position and performance (both historically and projected), the quality of management and with its track record in its sector. Some clients are much earlier in their journey than others and may not yet have ‘all the boxes ticked’ but we are open to exploring their needs and ambitions and we may feel that, with investment readiness support over a period of time, we can help them get to a position where they are well placed to take on investment.

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