What is the Depository Receipt Cash Account?

To facilitate the payment of cash dividends, sales proceeds and to comply with UK regulations around the handling of money arising from your Depository Receipt holding we have opened a Depository Receipt Cash Account for each Depository Receipt holder. All cash dividends and sales proceeds from Depository Receipts will be paid into your Depository Receipt Cash Account.

You can nominate a bank account for your Depository Receipt Cash Account and all sales proceeds and cash dividends can automatically be transferred to your nominated bank account within 2 business days of receipt.

If you wish to set up or change the details of your nominated bank account, you must send us a signed written instruction. The instruction must include the details of the new nominated account (including the account name, six digit sort code and eight digit account number). For joint accounts, the instruction must be signed by both account holders. Your nominated bank account must be a sterling account in your own name(s) with either another UK  bank/building society or an existing UK Triodos Bank account that allows deposits and withdrawals.

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