Why are your savings rates not in the Best Buy tables?

Best buy tables on mainstream comparison websites often compare savings and other banking products on interest rates only, but don’t account for sustainability or ethical criteria.

Triodos Bank prioritises people and planet over profit maximisation and is committed to sustainable banking practices. This means we are different to a lot of other banks.  But we still care about providing high-quality products and services and know we must offer fair and competitive rates.  

Key to this is offering the best value to savers we can while ensuring our long-term stability so that we can help create the impact that our customers want in the real economy. This is about finding the right balance between the value we give to our borrowers – the sustainable organisations we support – and what we can give back to our customers who save with us.

Other banks’ savings accounts often feature time-limited offers or bonus rates, whereas we focus on providing an everyday, good value range of savings products that are simple and easy to understand. When our rates go up they increase on all our variable products not just some, so we don’t leave customers languishing on very low rates. And new customers do not get a better rate than existing customers on the same variable product.

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