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Building sustainable communities

Specialist finance and expertise for social and affordable housing projects

With the current shortage in affordable homes, the work of housing associations, community land trusts (CLTs) and other affordable housing providers is all the more critical to many people. As a banking partner, we can provide the long-term, flexible finance you need to build new homes, increase stock and provide housing for those in greatest need.

Housing Associations - Bowwing - Triodos Bank

"We’d seen Triodos Bank’s name involved with some of the more socially responsible projects, and we thought what we’re doing chimed in well with their aims. In particular, the more small-scale developments, helping communities solve their own problems and providing long term sustainable solutions.

You can develop a long term relationship with Triodos. They know us, we know them. It’s that familiarity which I think provides value to both organisations.

Triodos also recognise there is a value in smaller community focussed organisations. I find that some of the larger institutions regard that type of work as inherently risky, but I think we can not only run in a business like way, but we can be responsive to the needs of the local communities. I believe that’s where Triodos is as well."

Peter Moore, Cornwall Rural Housing

Triodos Bank has a long track record of lending to affordable housing projects and housing associations, with facilities for terms of up to 25 years. Our experienced relationship managers work closely with our customers to take a facility through to completion, and then look after the relationship over the long term.

Many of our customers have a strong local focus, either in rural communities or urban locations, sometimes with roots in BME communities or supported housing. Lending is for general purposes, normally to fund development of new homes, or for stock purchases from other associations.

Our approach to sustainable banking means we only lend money deposited with us without borrowing from other banks, so we’re in a strong financial position.

What we can offer

Subject to meeting lending criteria

Housing Associations

  • Lend between £1m and £15m (normally up to £10m for first time facilities)
  • Term up to 25 years, with margin review at year 10
  • Drawdown up to 3 years, interest only
  • Fixed rates available for up to 10 years. Variable rates are also available

Community Land Trusts and other affordable housing providers

  • Lend between 500k and £10m
  • Term up to 25 years, with margin review at year 10
  • Drawdown up to 18 months, interest only
  • Fixed rates available for up to 10 years. Variable rates are also available

Why choose Triodos Bank

  • We appreciate the value smaller-scale housing associations bring to communities, in both rural and urban locations
  • The support of a dedicated Relationship Manager over the long term
  • Our genuine commitment to long term relationships and sustainable communities
  • Transparent application process, quick decisions and a responsive service 

Important information

Customer story: First Choice

First Choice, based in Penarth, provides accommodation for vulnerable people. They manage over 200 properties across Wales, providing homes for over 600 tenants. Our lending facility will enable them to develop 24 more properties, providing homes for some 100 people. 
First Choice_290px


Customer story: Cornwall Rural

Cornwall Rural provides affordable social housing in rural communities and manages over 300 homes. Many of their developments also include energy saving technologies, like solar PV and thermal panels. Since 2008, we have arranged 3 lending facilities, enabling Cornwall Rural to develop 120 new homes.
Cornwall Rural_290px 

New Warmer Homes & Green Community Loans

Finance for housing associations to improve social housing living standards

Specialist Relationship Managers

Paul Nicol

With an in-depth knowledge of housing associations

Specialist Relationship Managers

Triodos Bank coworker

With an in-depth knowledge of CLTs and affordable housing



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