How to update your account and personal details

You can change some of your personal details and account settings online. To do this, log in to internet banking and find the relevant section described below.

  • Making changes to your postal address, email address or phone number
    • select Self Service
    • select Personal Settings
    • change relevant information
  • Making changes to your mailing preferences or statement frequency
    • select Self Service
    • select Account Settings
    • change relevant information
  • Making changes by post

    If you do not have access to internet banking, please write to us with any changes to your personal details or account settings. Please remember to sign and date your letter.

  • Changing your name

    To let us know that your name has changed you will need to write to us with details of your old signature and name and your new name and signature, along with an original or certified copy of one of the following: a marriage certificate / divorce decree / Change of Name Deed Poll (or other relevant document showing your new name).

    The person undertaking the certification should be a professional person covered by money laundering regulations. For example, a person working in financial services, law or accountancy. The certifier must confirm they have seen the original, sign and date the copy, and also provide their name, professional position, work address and work telephone number. They may be contacted for verification.