To round up 2019, we challenged the #sus100 to answer a series of questions over the course of a week. The #sus100 list took up the challenge and responded with some fantastic thoughts. What are their top sustainable life hacks? What has given them hope for sustainability in 2019? What actions do they want to see governments take in 2020? What change should we all make in 2020?

Find below the inspirational, thought-provoking and insightful answers from the key movers, shakers and influencers on Twitter.

Question 1: If we could all change one thing in 2020 to protect the environment what should it be?
Make politics what you do not have done to you
Legislate to end mining / sale of peat-based compost for gardening and horticulture
Frame and understand sustainability both as a threat and as an opportunity for growth
Question 2: What are your top sustainable #LifeHacks?
Most impactful is probably pressuring decision-makers to act
Setting goals, sticking to them and communicating to others
Need to shift your mindset and behaviours not attempt to hack business as usual
Question 3: What has given you hope for sustainability in 2019?
#schoolstrike4climate #FridaysForFuture – it’s authentic, organic, historic and incredibly inspiring
Thank you Extinction Rebellion – thank you to (and for) all of you/us
Movements forming across society, net zero goals, sustainable products
Question 4: What actions do you want to see governments take in 2020?
Pass ecocide into legislation making deliberate damage to the environment a crime
Climate action now and leadership commitment
Immediate action in line with scientists recommendations to keep below 1.5/2c world

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