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Sustainable businesses

Who we work with

‘For profit’ businesses can play a key role in tackling social problems, improving communities and addressing environmental challenges.

We have worked with trading organisations with a range of social, cultural and environmental objectives, including fair-trade organisations, organic retailers and community owned businesses. We can advise on your capital raising plans and secure the finance required to grow both your business and your social impact.

In the last five years we have raised £23 million of risk finance in the form of bonds and share issues for sustainable businesses that wish to scale their trading activities and social impact. To see our full track record of the sustainable businesses we’ve worked with click here

To find out more about the services we offer sustainable businesses click here


The Better Food Company

Better Food is an award winning independent retailer and a caterer, selling organic, local, ethical and fair trade food - it strives to promote good food and good health. Established over 20 years ago as an organic delivery service, Better Food has since evolved into a retailer - it has three food stores, a cafe and a deli in the Bristol area.

Our corporate finance team worked with Better Food to raise £350,000 through a bond offer to support the fit out of its third retail outlet in Bristol. The bond offer opened in February 2016 and closed fully subscribed within two weeks. All of the funds raised came from individual investors. 

Charities & social enterprises

We help raise the finance you require to expand your activities and help more people.

Environmental projects

From community initiatives to small and medium scale commercial developments.

Corporate Finance Team

Dan Hird, Finance Director

Our dedicated, specialist team is here to help.

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