The Triodos Innovative Finance is available to UK residents aged 18 or over.

Your capital is at risk. Payment of interest on bonds is dependent on the success of the business model of the company that is issuing the bonds. Therefore, returns are not guaranteed and you may not get back the full amount invested. These investments may be long term and are not readily realisable.

The Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA)

Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) offer investors and savers a tax efficient way to save or invest. An Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA) is a type of ISA that allows you to include investments that have been made via crowdfunded bonds, share and peer-to-peer loan offers. As with all ISAs, you receive interest tax-free.

Understand different ISAs

The IFISA is not the same as a Cash ISA as your capital is at risk and is not protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme

More information about the IFISA including details of how to transfer your existing ISA can be found on our crowdfunding platform.

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