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Golden Lane Housing 2013 4% Bond Issue

Golden Lane Housing Ltd, (GLH), have launched an investment opportunity to help tackle the chronic shortage of housing for people with learning disabilities.


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We believe the GLH 2013 Bond Issue offers investors an opportunity to make a positive social impact with their investment.

The 2013 Bond Issue, arranged by Triodos Bank, will fund the acquisition and adaptation of up to 30 freehold properties across England which should house up to 80 tenants for life.

The £10 million bond issue is expected to be the largest unlisted bond ever issued by a charity in the UK. Investors will have the chance to help transform the lives of people with a learning disability, who might otherwise be forced to live in unsuitable residential or institutional care homes.

GLH, in partnership with Triodos Bank, were the first UK charity to launch a Bond Issue to the public in 2003 which raised £1.8 million to help develop their property portfolio.


Amount - £10 millionTerm - 5 years (repayable in full on 30 September 2018 subject to early repayment at the option of the Charity)Interest - 4% gross per annum - fixed and payable annually.GLH's annual report will provide specific details of the social impact generated by the capital raised through the Bond issue.Minimum investment - £2,000 for new investors (£500 for existing 2003 Bondholders wishing to reinvest).The Offer will close on the earlier of the Maximum Subscription being reached or 12.00 noon London time on 30 April 2013 unless extended by GLH in its sole discretion.The Bonds are an unsecured investment meaning your capital is at risk.A Net Asset Covenant contained within the Bond instrument.Option for Bondholders to donate their interest to the Charity to allow them to invest more in pursuing their mission.An investment in a bond instrument of this type is speculative and involves a degree of risk.The Charity's ability to repay the Bond on 30 September 2018 or at all is dependent on the continuing success of its business model and planned means of refinancing.


Important note: An investment in the Bonds may not be suitable for all recipients of the  Investment Memorandum document. A prospective investor should consider carefully whether an investment in the Bonds is suitable for them in the light of their personal circumstances and the financial resources available to them. Investment in an unquoted security of this nature, being an illiquid investment is speculative, involving a degree of risk. It may not be possible to sell or realise the Bonds or to obtain reliable information about the risks to which they are exposed.

If you are in any doubt as to whether subscribing for Bonds is a suitable investment for you, you should seek your own advice from a suitably qualified adviser authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. 

Golden Lane Housing 2013 Bond Issue

If you would like a hard copy of the Investment Memorandum, or have any questions about the Bond Issue please contact us.

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