Can I change my existing Triodos cash ISA to a different type of Triodos cash ISA?

Yes, you can change your existing Triodos cash ISA to one of the following types of Triodos cash ISAs:

  • Triodos Online Cash ISA
  • Triodos Cash ISA
  • Triodos Two Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA
  • Triodos Three Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA

Changes to a different type of Triodos cash ISA are not permitted from Triodos Ethical Junior Cash ISAs or non-ISA savings accounts.

Once you've decided which cash ISA suits you best, you can change the type of your Triodos Cash ISA to one of our other cash ISAs by completing and posting us the form below.

Before downloading the form to change your account type, please make sure you have read the following;

Once you have read the important information above please download, print and complete the form below, then post it to us at:


On receipt of a completed request, we will change the type of cash ISA you hold, the balance of your account and your account number will remain the same. All money held in the account will maintain its tax-free status and the change will not affect your subscription allowance. We will write to you to confirm when we have actioned your request.

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