This collaborative ‘crofting community’ manages the land according to permaculture principles.

We love what Triodos stands for, and that our values align.
Andrew Donaldson, founder, Comrie Croft

“But perhaps the best bit about working with Triodos is that we’ve always been treated as people. We have a real personal relationship with our manager: We know each other and I always feel like we are supported and appreciated.

The difference in our experience with other banks is like chalk and cheese. We’ve grown year-on-year and really focused on sustainability in the 10 years we’ve been supported by Triodos. It is fair to say that we wouldn’t be here without them.

Triodos lent us a substantial sum to buy the farm where we are based. Applying for and managing the loan was - and still is - a pleasure.

The bank has a human face - our manager - who comes to see us, knows our names and demonstrates a genuine interest in all aspects of the business, not just the bottom line.

We also know that the bank’s commitment to environmental and social lending is not just talk. We were asked to achieve the Gold standard in the Green Tourism Business Scheme as one of the conditions of our loan, which we duly received.

We are now in the process of opening a deposit account alongside our loan account as it makes sense to have any spare cash money for good through Triodos.” Andrew Donaldson, Founder, Comrie Croft.

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