News channels and our social media feeds were filled with images from around the world as millions of people took to the streets, taking part in the global climate strikes inspired by Greta Thunberg or Extinction Rebellion’s non-violent protests. The message was clear: there’s never been a more important time to act.

Now that 2020 is getting into full swing, we want to keep the momentum going. To help give us all some inspiration, we used the hashtag #Sus100 to ask the 100 most influential people in the twitter sustainability community to suggest one thing that we can all change in 2020 to protect the environment. Their responses ranged from choices we can make on an individual level to campaigning for change from businesses and governments.

Keep reading to find out their environmental priorities in 2020. 

Eat less but better meat
Meet people, get involved with change makers and be the change that you want to see
Frame and understand sustainability both as a threat and as an opportunity for growth
Make politics what you do not have done to you
An internaitonal law of ecocide to protect the environment for future generations
Legislate to end mining / sale of peat-based compost for gardening and horticulture
Support, join and fund the organisations working hard for policies that can help us all

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Do you agree with the list above? And what would you add as the one action we can all take for the environment in 2020?

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