We wanted to share some of our co-worker’s favourite recommendations with our wider community. Read on if you want to discover something new to listen to during your upcoming summer holiday or make your lunchtime walk a little more enjoyable…

Outrage and Optimism

"Outrage and Optimism is hosted Tom Rivett-Carnac, Paul Dickinson and the absolutely awesome Christiana Figueres, who led the process that secured the landmark Paris Agreement in 2015. The podcast tackles the latest news in relation to climate, but always with a positive, can-do outlook. It’s always questioning and enlightening, with inspiring guests. It’s definitely one to listen to if media reporting on climate change is getting you down, or if you want to be motivated to take climate action."

Ellen, marketing manager.

Huberman Lab

"Andrew Huberman is a really engaging neuroscientist at Stanford School of Medicine. Many of his podcasts are him talking about fascinating wellbeing and performance-related neuroscience research (he only discusses peer-reviewed research or makes it clear where something is ‘anecdata’). He also has regular guests talking about their particular area of expertise. He always makes sure each podcast has actionable, and often entirely free, protocols so you can really get something useful out of it! For example, protocols on how to get better at sleeping, how to visualise and achieve goals, how to improve your memory, and how to optimise your workspace! I love it!"

Caroline, product manager.

How to Fail by Elizabeth Day

"Elizabeth Day has a great way of connecting to her guests as they reveal the big failures in their lives and how those failures shaped who they are today – in a world of seemingly perfect people everywhere, it’s reassuring to hear some of your icons talking about the mistakes they’ve made and how they have grown from them. She recently had Jane Goodall as a guest who emphasised the resilience of hope and her belief in the next generation – I loved this episode so much that I recently bought Jane’s Book of Hope."

Alice, marketing and communications officer.

A bit of everything!

"I’m a big podcast fan, with over 80 subscriptions (I sometimes have to listen to them on double speed!). For economics and business, I enjoy Odd Lots, Plain English, Business Breakdown or Decoder. For football, I listen to Around The NFL or PFF NFL Podcast. Film podcasts I listen to are Kermode & Mayo’s Take and Inside Total Film. Finally, The Bugle or Cust Corner is great for comedy."

Jeffrey, financial crime manager.


"Sustainababble is a great podcast for when I’m in the mood for a lively discussion about environmental issues on my way to work – it’s light-hearted, funny, and relatable which is exactly what's needed amongst climate change news and eco-anxiety. The podcast also covers such a broad range of topics and I’ve certainly broadened my eco knowledge by listening to it."

Carmel, marketing manager.

Inside Impact Investing

Did you know that there is a podcast produced by Triodos Investment Management?

The monthly series discusses the shortcomings of our current economic system and explores how the financial sector can play a crucial role in providing the capital needed to realise real and profound change.

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