The Save Our Wild Isles films highlight the need for businesses to act with urgency to tackle the nature and climate crises together, which is described as the biggest business opportunity since the industrial revolution. 

The films are produced by Silverback Films, makers of the BBC’s Wild Isles TV series, and the same team behind the award-winning Netflix documentary series Our Planet and David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet. They highlight the risks to businesses that fail to account for their reliance on nature and the key actions employees and businesses must take to put things right.  

Four films - about 20 minutes each - focus on the need to change the way we do business, run our financial system, manage food and agriculture and our marine industries.  

Triodos Bank features in the films, alongside over 20 business leaders taking action including Deborah Meaden, Henry Dimbleby, the chair of the John Lewis Partnership, Aviva’s chief responsible investment officer, Dr Tony Juniper CBE and Dr Bryce Stewart and other experts in the sectors profiled. 

The films make it clear that nature is the foundation of the systems that allow businesses to function, yet the UK is one of the most nature depleted countries in the world. Nature loss and climate change are resulting in ecological breakdown at an unprecedented level, creating risks to businesses from supply chain disruption, asset losses, and fundamental shifts in how businesses operate.   

One of the films ‘Banking on a Wilder Tomorrow’ reveals how the finance sector affects nature in the UK and explores what actions they can take to reduce their impact. The finance sector has a huge role to play in addressing the nature crisis. The risks of nature loss to investments, supply chains and future progress is unmistakable. 

All films are now available on the Save Our Wild Isles website. The banking focused film ‘Banking on a Wilder Tomorrow’ can be viewed on YouTube here or watch below.

None of the contributors to the film were paid to take part and speakers were chosen by the charities for their expertise on key areas of the films. They selected interviewees who they believe recognise the need for change and are committed to action, from a range of sectors, from large and small companies, and from businesses at various stages of their sustainability journey.