Tell us about your role and a bit about your career background

My role at Triodos is Human Resources Assistant. This involves collaborating with the broader HR team to identify and implement continuous process and system improvements, aiming to enhance efficiency and deliver high-quality service to managers and co-workers. I do this by collaborating closely with the Resourcing Business Partner on entry to mid-level end-to-end recruitment processes. I also support the Learning and Development and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Lead by facilitating the Bank's induction programmes for our new co-workers. Among other ad hoc processes, I currently lead a project that focuses on improving our co-worker induction process.

As to my background, I recently graduated with a First-Class Honours degree in Psychology from the University of the West of England. During my studies, I was fortunate enough to undertake a placement year at Triodos, joining as HR intern. I continued with Triodos on a part-time basis in the Personal Current Accounts team during my final year of study. In that role, I managed a diverse portfolio of customer current accounts and further developed my skills, earning an Agile Lean Yellow Belt for proactive enhancements using continuous improvement methodologies.

It feels great to be back within the HR team as an assistant, especially since I started as an intern. I stuck around during my final year of study, and now, being back in HR feels like things have come full circle. I like being part of a company that cares about people and the planet more than just making money, and I’m eager to be a part of the continued progress as we work towards our missions and goals.

What inspired you to pursue a career at Triodos?

During my second year of university, I found the available internships for psychology undergraduates unappealing. So, when the HR internship opportunity arose, I saw it as an opportunity to leverage my key strengths in understanding human behaviour and the psychology of business. This was more than just a chance to apply the theoretical knowledge gained from my degree; it was an avenue to put this understanding into practice within a real-world business environment—a long-standing ambition of mine.

How does the work you do within your role/department contribute to the mission of Triodos and what we are trying to achieve?

As HR Assistant at Triodos, I play a crucial role in aligning our workforce with the bank's mission—to create a society that prioritises the quality of life and human dignity. We achieve this through talent acquisition, co-worker engagement, diversity and inclusion, and wellbeing initiatives. Our department actively shapes Triodos' culture to advance its mission, and being part of an organisation that is committed to positive impact through financial services and ethical practices is inspiring. My role, whether in HR processes or fostering an inclusive workplace, allows me to contribute meaningfully to societal change.

How do you stay motivated and engaged in your work, especially during challenging times?

For me, what truly helps is establishing clear and achievable goals for my work.

Knowing what I'm working towards provides motivation and a sense of purpose, even during challenging times. I also employ effective organisational tools and strategies to stay on top of my workload. Drawing on my degree, I understand that being organised can help reduce stress and make work more manageable.

Over the last two years and a bit at Triodos, I've built a robust network of colleagues, mentors, and supervisors whom I can reach out to for support or guidance when needed. This provides me with psychological safety during challenging times and allows me to maintain my motivation at work.

However, regularly going to the gym is what truly keeps me motivated and disciplined. It's my answer to almost anything in life; it helps me stay focused, clears my mind, and allows me to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What do you like/love about the workplace and the people who work here?

I genuinely love the welcoming atmosphere at this workplace - it feels like being part of a close-knit family. I vividly recall my first encounter with the CEO during my initial days. The sincere interest in my background and career aspirations left a lasting impression and made me feel valued from the offset. This familial experience extends across the entire bank too, creating a sense of community.

What do you imagine the future to look like for you at Triodos? Or What do you see in the future for you and Triodos?

I imagine the future to be fruitful. Engaged in exciting projects, I eagerly anticipate seeing their completion and take pride in contributing to their success. As Triodos expands its reach nationally and internationally amid increasing demand for sustainable banking, I aspire to advance within the team, firmly establishing my place within the Triodos family.