Tell us about your role and a bit about your career background.

I'm the Team Leader for the Process Optimisation Team which sits within the wider Change & ICT Services Department at Triodos Bank UK Ltd. What that entails is somewhat twofold, involving both process improvement and change portfolio management.  My team works on process improvement initiatives and projects, conducts Lean Yellow belt and Green belt training, ensures the change management framework is being followed, manages oversight of all change initiatives and projects going on at TBUK, and provides insight into the demand on resource to deliver that change.  Additionally, we collaborate closely with colleagues in both the process analyst and continuous improvement experts community and the Transformation Office who are pursuing similar objectives across the Group.

Reflecting on my career journey, I initially began as a business analyst. I am originally from the United States, where I completed my university education. After graduating, I worked as a business analyst in Disney's IT department for several years. In 2010, I relocated to the UK, and in 2012, I joined Triodos on a temporary contract which eventually led to a business analyst position. Although that contract eventually concluded, I returned to Triodos in 2016, once again as a business analyst. Since then, I have taken on various roles, including project manager, and I am now leading the process optimisation team.


What inspired you to pursue a career at Triodos?

Well, the first time I worked for Triodos, I didn't even know what Triodos was when I first applied. I had come for an interview for a short-term, temporary position as I was looking to rejoin the workforce after relocating to the UK.  I ended up with a short contract, focused on opening depository receipts within the customer operations team.

During the interview with Triodos, I was truly impressed by the company itself and the people I met. That's when I made the decision that I really wanted the job and wanted to work here. Fortunately, I was offered the position, and it was even more fortunate that I was then successful in getting a business analyst role, which aligned more with my previous career.  Triodos felt like the kind of company I had always wanted to work for but never knew existed.

It was a pleasant surprise for me to discover there could be so much joy in working within financial services, especially since I had never considered doing that having come from the entertainment, parks, and resorts industry. Banking was not something I had ever aspired to be a part of, so I was genuinely amazed by how much I loved it and how enjoyable my time at Triodos has been.


What makes Triodos Bank different to other companies you have worked for?

I've never worked anywhere else where so many individuals share a common goal: to contribute to the greater good of the world. I believe this has a profound impact on the company's culture and its overall can-do attitude.

Moreover, as a company, I've never encountered an organisation as socially conscious as Triodos. The company demonstrates a keen awareness of its actions, including who it lends to, how it impacts its customers, and its overall influence on the world. Triodos is deeply committed to making responsible choices for the world, from cultivating a positive culture to championing equity and inclusion. In my experience, I've never worked for a company that checks ticks so many boxes in terms of social consciousness.


What do you like/love about the workplace and the people who work here?

I believe my favourite aspect of Triodos is its people, which has probably been evident throughout this interview. In general, it seems that everyone working here shares a common objective of making the world a better place. This shared purpose fosters a culture and atmosphere characterized by support, camaraderie, and a sense of family.

On a more personal level, I feel a connection with many individuals at Triodos, each for various reasons. These reasons may differ, but I always sense a connection with everyone here in some way.


What do you imagine the future to look like for you at Triodos? Or What do you see in the future for you and Triodos?

Well, I'd like to continue to progress in Triodos in roles that I'm passionate about, and I've been really lucky to be able to do that so far. I loved being a business analyst and a project manager. I love my job now and I am excited to see where things head as we align more with other countries and work towards being One Bank. I can only hope that the opportunities to continue doing the things I love keep coming, but I’m quite certain it will always be easy to find passion here.


What would you say to a friend thinking of joining Triodos?

I would say definitely join Triodos. I've never enjoyed working at a place as much as I've enjoyed working at Triodos. And the people here are amazing. It just keeps me going. I think it keeps a lot of people going.


What do the Triodos values of responsibility, freedom and equity mean to you?

Although each of these values are an entity in their own right, I believe they work together to enable each other.  By financing companies that focus on people, the environment, and culture, Triodos finances in a responsible way that contributes towards freedom and equity for all of these things.   On an individual level, I believe it is our responsibility to make choices that contribute to a better world for all, and Triodos helps me do that every day