Tell us about your role and a bit about your career background.

I come from a retail and banking background. Previously, I interned with a Banking Group, which set the trajectory of my career. I then worked in retail on a part time basis whilst I studied. After university, I went into retail banking which led me to Triodos. Here at Triodos, I am part of the contact team. I am the first point of contact for customers when they call or message Triodos. The majority of my role is using my knowledge of our products, services and processes to help customers with banking queries. Examples of the general queries I help customers with include payments, account applications, signposting and complaints. Occasionally, I refer queries to other speciality departments if a query requires their input.


What inspired you to pursue a career at Triodos?

The values and the people. The values spoke to me. The idea of transparency and striving for excellence is who I am. I've always been a bit of a perfectionist so working for a bank that aligns with striving for excellence and greatness just makes sense to me.

I was also inspired by the fact that Triodos values transparency. I think that transparency yields trust. If you are transparent, your customers trust you and I wanted to be part of a bank that is trusted by its customers.

For me, it’s about being part of a bank that looks after the community as well - locally and at large. The sense of community is also reflected internally from my co-workers in the contact team and other departments as well. It's nice to not feel like just a number but part of a great community of co-workers.


What makes Triodos Bank different to other companies you have worked for?

Our values. What comes first for Triodos is people and the environment, then everything else is secondary. I think our values are what drives us, whereas for other companies that’s not the case and they often prioritise profit, market share etc.

I also think the sense of community sets us apart and being part of a community of co-workers who are striving towards the same goals.


How do you stay motivated and engaged in your work, especially during challenging times?

I think there's a lot of things to get involved in. Previously I've been part of the Social Committee and it helped me stay engaged with my co-workers. It also allowed me to tap into something outside of the mundane, day-to-day activities of my role.

Our team also does a great job of being intentional about keeping all co-workers engaged by having a contact team meeting twice a year. This allows us to maintain a sense of connection and remain engaged as a team.


What do you like/love about the workplace and the people who work here?

All my co-workers are approachable and always willing to help. Even if they're not in your immediate team, they're always willing to help you or answer any questions. That's what I like best!


What do you imagine the future to look like for you at Triodos? Or what do you see in the future for you and Triodos?

I see myself getting involved in more projects and taking on more responsibility. I also look forward to seeing how Triodos evolves and being around to witness it. I've seen a glimpse during the little time I’ve been with Triodos. However, I’m especially excited because I get to witness everything from a front row seat!


What do the Triodos values of responsibility, freedom and equity mean to you?

I would personally define ‘responsibility’ as ‘being accountable’. It means that I follow through and to attend to every detail of customer requests/queries. I do this with the hope that every customer I interact with gets their desired outcome and best customer experience. 

Personally, I feel the most sense of ‘freedom’ when I have freedom of choice. I feel an even greater sense of freedom when there is variety of options to choose from. I think Triodos plays a great role of adding variety in banking, so that customers have the option to bank ethically.

For me, ‘equity’ means that every customer is an individual. So, I adapt to ensure that each customer’s individual banking needs are met effectively.